It has been exciting to witness how many artists are become aware of and interested in providing a Sensory Inclusive Programs as a part of their repertoire. But there are some misconceptions about what it means to offer this type of show.Some people think it simply meansTurn down the volume and turn up the lights.Others believe these kinds of performances will compromise the integrity or quality of their show. Both are an incorrect.


Cultural Entrepreneurship

As an artist who wants to offer a Sensory Inclusive Programs, consider yourself a cultural entrepreneur. This is one who focuses primarily on reimagining social roles and motivating new behaviors by disrupting beliefsystems– in this case, belief systems about disability.

Cultural Entrepreneurs often work with and in popular culture to reach the widest possible audience.It is the difference between changing markets and systems and changing hearts and minds.


Offering Sensory Inclusive Programs plays an important role in reimagining social roles and motivating new behaviors by disrupting belief systems – in this case, that people with disabilities are not interested in the arts…or are incapable of being involved in society…or do not enjoy theatre or music or dance.

We recognize that shifting behavior doesn’t happen overnight. It happens through the accumulation of exposure to new ideas from many sources.It is social change through community-driven engagement. And that’s where artists, agents, and managers across the country have an important role to play.

If you are interested in learning more about the criteria to create your Sensory Inclusive Programs, please check out these resources: